At Exosome Sciences, we are working in collaboration with our majority shareholder, Aethlon Medical (Nasdaq:AEMD), to discover exosome-based biomarkers to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease (AD), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and other neurological disorders. Our TauSome™ biomarker (also referred to as exosomal tau) is being studied as the basis for a blood-based test to identify CTE through the DETECT Study being conducted by the Boston University CTE Center. At present, CTE can only be definitively diagnosed through post-mortem examination of brain tissue.

TauSome™ detection and the use of a TauSome™ biomarker to identify and monitor CTE and other neurological disorders are protected by multiple patent applications.

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At Aethlon Medical, we are a leading developer of immunotherapeutic technologies to combat infectious disease and cancer. To augment the body's natural immune defenses, the Aethlon Hemopurifier® eliminates life-threatening disease targets that are often shielded from the immune system and not well addressed by traditional drug therapies. The technology captures circulating viruses, bacterial toxins and cancer promoting exosomes through affinity attachment to a unique structure that cloaks these targets from immune detection. At present, the Hemopurifier® is being advanced under an FDA approved clinical study.


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